About Kombucha Coach

Kombucha is my go-to drink of choice. I started drinking storebought kombucha without realizing what it was or its benefits. One of the first times I purchased kombucha, some crazy dude was yelling at me saying “DONT SHAKE THAT” but I had no idea why. So, I started on a journey of researching this glorious concoction.

As I started researching, I found it hard to find clear-cut answers. I took what I found and started to document it, which is where Kombucha Coach came to light.

Eventually, I started getting into home brewing kombucha because I was spending so much freaking money at the store on it. I also saw how it was only a few ingredients and how easy it was to make.

My goal with Kombucha Coach is to help teach people about kombucha and start their journey into home brewing it themselves.

— Steveo aka “Kombucha Coach”