Can You Split a SCOBY and Make It Smaller?

A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It usually sits on top of the kombucha tea, lending its probiotic benefits to the drink. But what if it gets too big? You can split your SCOBY!

This article will explore how to make your SCOBY smaller by splitting it into two or more pieces, which is an easy way to get great-tasting kombucha without having one large batch at all times.

Can you cut a SCOBY in half?

A SCOBY may be safely split in half. Make sure your scissors or knife are clean before handling it to avoid contamination.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll notice that your SCOBY grows to match the container’s form, which usually means a circular disc since Kombucha is most often brewed in round glass jars.

Why Should You Divide Your SCOBY?

If the SCOBY grows too big (more than 1 inch thick), it’s not ideal for Kombucha because there isn’t enough liquid for the older SCOBY to work with.

So, to maintain the balance and efficiency of your Kombucha brewing, it is usually recommended to divide it.

The ratio of sweet tea to SCOBY will be off after a while. Older SCOBY’S also aren’t as efficient at fermenting the sweet tea, resulting in an unpleasant flavor or your Kombucha taking longer to reach its ideal flavor.

How Can You Split Your SCOBY?

The SCOBY is actually a lot tougher than it seems. You could cut a piece off with a very sharp knife, however, the simplest option, which is also the most logical for brewing, is to remove a portion of the SCOBY horizontally.

Don’t be concerned if your SCOBY gets rips or holes through it as it divides since new SCOBYs grow on top and these gaps will fill in with each new batch.

What Can You Do With Extra SCOBY?

So you split your SCOBY. Now What? Here are a few ideas:

Share It With Friends

Maybe you have friends that want to experiment with making their own kombucha. You can even sell it online to make a few bucks!

Make More Kombucha!

Of course, you could always start brewing a new batch of kombucha with the newly divided SCOBY. Just remember to keep a little piece of the original SCOBY for a starter!

Store It in the Fridge

If you’re not sure what else to do with your extra SCOBY, it’s usually safe to store it in the fridge. You should use refrigerated kombucha within two weeks once prepared and yeast starts growing on it. It’s usually not suitable for long-term storage in the fridge due to yeast overgrowth, but this is a viable option when you’re not sure what else to do with it!

Make a SCOBY Hotel

You can even make a SCOBY Hotel! This is an excellent idea for those who want to experiment with kombucha making or have periods of time where they don’t drink as much.

The hotel will allow you to store your extra SCOBYs and maintain their quality, so when you need them, they’ll be fresh!

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