How Do You Know When Your Kombucha is Ready to be Bottled?

So you’re brewing a fresh batch of sweetness known as kombucha. You’re eager to get that baby bottled. But, how do you know it’s time to do so?

In this blog post, we will discuss the signs that indicate that your kombucha is ready for bottling!

When Is Kombucha Ready To Be Bottled?

As a super broad guideline, I would suggest that if you’re looking for a sweeter kombucha, you will probably look at bottling it after 7 days.

If you want it sour with little sweetness, you will probably want it to be in the first fermentation phase for 14+ days.

Honestly, determining when you should bottle your kombucha is up to you! It all comes down to taste and how you like it.

Some people like it sweet while some like it sour.

For me, I like to bottle my kombucha when it is tart and sour (I LOVE sour). At the same time, it should still have some sweetness. The longer it ferments (even in the bottle), the sourer it will get and the more sugar will continue to get eaten, so it will be less sweet.

Also remember that if you do flavor your brew, there’s a good chance that what you add will contain even more sugar, making it sweeter.

Again, these are just guidelines – so feel free to experiment until you find what is right for you!

What Happens When You Bottle Your Kombucha?

When you bottle your Kombucha, you are starting the 2nd fermentation process. During this stage, you generally flavor and carbonate your brew by putting the kombucha in bottles or other sealed containers with fruits, juices, spices, or other flavoring ingredients.

The yeasts then go through a secondary fermentation, consuming the added sugars and generating carbon dioxide as a result. This is what gives kombucha its distinctive fizz and smell.

Can You Bottle Kombucha Too Early?

Yes, you can bottle kombucha too early. If you bottle your kombucha before it has reached the desired taste or carbonation level, it will not taste as good and could spoil.

Bottling your kombucha too early can also cause the bottles to explode since there is excess pressure from the carbonation. So, make sure to wait until you reach the desired taste and carbonation level before bottling!

How Often Should You Taste Your Kombucha?

Personally, I don’t touch or taste my brewing vessel for the first 5 days. This is because I want the SCOBY to be uninterrupted. If you move it too much, it can disrupt the process.

On day 5, I’ll stick a straw in my brew and give it a little taste each day after that till it’s ready to be bottled.

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Stephen aka “Kombucha Coach”

Stephen aka “Kombucha Coach”

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