How Long Does Kombucha Take to Carbonate? Is It Necessary?

We all love a refreshing kombucha now and then. But how long does it take to carbonate when you’re done brewing your own batch? It’s not just about the brewing time, but also the fermentation time that determines when you can drink your finished product.

Let’s find out what factors affect this process!

How Long Does Kombucha Take to Carbonate?

The first thing you need to know is that kombucha takes time to carbonate. It’s not a process that happens overnight, so be patient! The length of time it takes for kombucha to carbonate will depend on a few factors, including the temperature of your home and the type of kombucha you’re brewing.

Generally speaking, kombucha will take about 4-7 days to carbonate at room temperature. If you want your kombucha to carbonate more quickly, you can place it in a warm environment, such as an oven or on top of the refrigerator. This will reduce the fermentation time by about half. However, you need to be careful not to heat your kombucha too much, or it will spoil.

If you’re brewing a flavored kombucha, such as ginger ale or grapefruit, it will take a bit longer for the carbonation process to complete. This is because there are more flavors and spices in the mix that need time to infuse into the kombucha.

How Do You Know If Your Kombucha is Carbonating?

If you’re still not sure how long it will take for your batch of kombucha to carbonate, there are a few ways you can tell when it’s ready:

• Bubbles should be visible on top of the SCOBY; these indicate that fermentation has begun.

• The kombucha should have a slightly sweet flavor with an acidic undertone, which means it’s ready to drink!

• A finished batch of kombucha will be carbonated and bubbly when you open the jar. This is not always easy to see because the bubbles are small, but you’ll know it when you pop the lid!

Do You Need to Carbonate Kombucha?

Carbonation is not required for Kombucha to be safe and delicious to drink. Non-carbonated Kombucha has the same nutritional components as flat Kombucha, however it is not healthier. Some consumers dislike their Kombucha becoming too fizzy, while others enjoy the taste of non-carbonated Kombucha.

If you are unsure if carbonation is right for you, start by carbonating a small batch of Kombucha and taste it. If you like the results, then continue to carbonate all of your batches!

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