What Equipment Do You Need To Brew Kombucha?

Brewing your own kombucha at home is a fun and easy way to get all the benefits of this probiotic drink. But what equipment do you need to get started?

In this article, I’ll walk you through the equipment that I use and recommend to brew kombucha at home so you can make your own kombucha kit!

A Glass Jar

The best way to brew kombucha is with glass. Not only will it not be damaged by the acidity of the brew, but it won’t scratch easily or contain hazardous chemicals such as BPA.

You will need something that is at least 1 gallon, though I have a 2-gallon glass jar with a spigot (more on that below).

A Metal Spigot

If you want to do a continuous brew, or you just want to make it easier to bottle, you’ll need a jar with a spigot as well.

Some people say you “must” use plastic because most metal can damage the SCOBY, however, spigots made from 304-grade stainless steel are also safe, which a metal that is safe to use with acidic brews like Kombucha.

The issue that I have with plastic is that you shouldn’t use hot liquids with them, and they are more likely to have things seep into your brew.

The glass jar that I use includes a 304-grade stainless steel spigot, so if you get this package, you’re good to go.

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Organic Black Tea

I use organic teabags just because it’s easier to clean and manage, but you can use loose leaf tea as well. Just make sure it is black organic tea.

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Organic Granulated Cane Sugar

You can use any type of organic cane sugar, but this is the big 3lb bag that I use. I use a cup of sugar in each of my brews, so you’ll need a lot if you brew a lot.

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A Heat Mat

This is something that you will likely need at some point, but maybe not right away. If you keep it in a warm place, then you can get by without it, but if it’s winter or your home is cold, you’ll need this to regulate the temperature of your brew.

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A SCOBY with Starter Kombucha

You could make your own SCOBY and use a cup of plain kombucha if you wanted to, but if you’re just getting started and you want to fast-track things, you can buy it from places like Amazon (or from someone that has extra SCOBY’s around).

Just make sure you get it from a reputable source so it’s healthy. I’ve gotten SCOBYs from The Kombucha Shop on Amazon a few times, and they haven’t disappointed.

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pH Test Strips

While these are optional, they are recommended so you can make sure your brew is fermenting and acidifying properly.

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Stick On Thermometer Strip

It’s important to make sure that your brew is at a good temperature so it thrives. This is where thermometer strips come into play. With these, you’ll quickly and easily be able to tell what the temperature is.

[lasso ref=”stick-on-thermometer-strip-for-brewing-fermenting-temperature-sticker-decal-crystal-adhesive-46-93-f-8-34-c-digital-display-sticker-for-wine-beer-aquariums-24″ id=”187″ link_id=”73″]

Cotton Dish Rags

The proper cover is very important. You need something that is breathable but not “too” breathable. If you have really large holes in what you use (like cheese cloths), then you can easily let things like fruit flies into your brew, which would ruin it.

Personally, I have found terry cotton dishcloths like the ones below to work the best.

[lasso ref=”amour-infini-cotton-terry-kitchen-dish-cloths-set-of-8-12-x-12-inches-super-soft-and-absorbent-100-cotton-dish-rags-perfect-for-household-and-commercial-uses-gray” id=”188″ link_id=”74″]

Large Rubber Band

You’ll need something to put around your cloth to make sure it stays put. You can use anything elastic, but I use these large rubber bands.

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Electronic Tea Kettle

While in no way necessary, this is something that I use to brew the initial tea. It’s quick and efficient, and it allows me to do the entire brew in my office instead of our small kitchen.

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Swing Top Glass Bottles

When you’re ready to bottle your kombucha, it’s important to use high-quality glass bottles. I highly recommend ones with a swing top.

[lasso ref=”swing-top-glass-bottles-brewing-bottles-for-kombucha-beer-kiefer-16-oz-grolsch-style-bottle-6-set-with-funnel” id=”191″ link_id=”77″]

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