Is it OK to Drink Kombucha Every Day?

is it ok to drink kombucha every day

The healthy benefits of kombucha are well known. But is drinking it every day really a good idea? Is there anyone that should not drink kombucha? Let’s dig in to find out.

How Much Kombucha Is Safe to Drink Every Day?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says “Drinking this tea (kombucha) in quantities typically consumed (approximately 4 oz daily) may not cause adverse effects in healthy persons; however, the potential health risks are unknown for those with preexisting health problems or those who drink excessive quantities of the tea.”

The reason that this recommendation came about was that in 1995, they claim that the “kombucha mushroom” (the SCOBY) was linked to a couple of illnesses and one death in a small Iowa town.

Before you go freaking out and throw your kombucha out of the window, the report from the CDC specifically says that after testing the “mushroom” “no known human pathogens or toxin-producing organisms were identified.”

So, yeah. I have my doubts it was the cause. Buttttt anyways….

In reality, 4 oz is nothing. Obviously, agencies like the CDC are going to err on the side of extreme caution. Everyone is different. As long as you brew your kombucha correctly and make sure you don’t contaminate it, you should be fine (assuming your body is ok with it to begin with or you don’t have some medical reason not to enjoy it).

Personally, I drink about 2, 16oz bottles daily and feel like I have actually benefited from that amount.

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What Are The Benefits of Drinking Kombucha Every Day?

There are several advantages to consuming kombucha on a daily basis, and it may help you maintain your general health.

It Can Improve Your Overall Health

By drinking kombucha tea, you are likely to see an increase in energy levels, better digestion, and a general feeling of well-being.

Kombucha is a probiotic food, which means it contains live bacteria that are beneficial for your gut health.

It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are essential for good health.

A daily dose of kombucha can also help boost your immune system, and may even help fight cancer.

Kombucha Can Give You Better Digestion and Improve Gut Health

As I mentioned before, kombucha is a probiotic food. This means it contains live bacteria that are beneficial for your gut health.

Probiotics are important for a healthy gut because they help to keep the balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. They also help to break down food, absorb nutrients, and prevent infection.

A daily dose of kombucha can help improve your digestion and keep your gut healthy.

Kombucha Can Boost Your Energy Levels

If you’re always feeling tired, kombucha might be just what you need.

Kombucha is a natural source of energy-boosting B vitamins. It also contains iron, which is essential for energy production.

Plus, the live bacteria in kombucha can help improve your gut health, which can also lead to more energy.

You Can Lower Your Risk For Certain Diseases

Regular consumption of kombucha has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.

It can also help improve liver function and prevent certain types of cancer.

Kombucha tea is a fermented beverage that has been around for centuries. It is made by adding bacteria and yeast to sweetened black or green tea.

The fermentation process creates beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and organic acids that have been shown to have health benefits.

It’s also possible that it may even help fight certain types of cancer.

It Can Help With Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, kombucha can help.

Drinking kombucha tea has been shown to help increase metabolism and burn fat.

It can also help suppress your appetite and reduce cravings.

Plus, it’s a low-calorie beverage, especially when compared to something like soda, so you can drink it without having to worry about adding extra calories to your diet (assuming you drink it in moderation, of course).

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What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Kombucha?

Drinking Too Much Kombucha May Upset Your Stomach

While kombucha is good for your gut health, drinking too much of it may upset your stomach.

This is because it contains live bacteria, which can sometimes cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

If you are new to kombucha, start by consuming a small amount (4 ounces or less) to see how your body reacts.

Kombucha Can Interact With Certain Medications

Kombucha can interact with certain medications, such as those used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

It can also interact with chemotherapy drugs.

If you are taking any medications, please speak to your doctor before consuming kombucha.

It Could Lead to Headaches and Dizziness

Drinking kombucha can sometimes lead to headaches and dizziness.

This is most likely due to the fact that it contains caffeine.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is best to avoid kombucha or consume it in moderation.

It May Damage Your Teeth

Kombucha can damage your teeth due to its high acidity.

To protect your teeth, it is best to drink kombucha through a straw.

You should also brush your teeth after drinking kombucha to protect them from the acids.

It Could Lead To Excess Calorie Consumption

Drinking too much kombucha can lead to excess calorie consumption if you are not careful. This is because kombucha is often flavored with fruit juices or syrups, which can add a lot of sugar and calories to the drink.

If you are trying to watch your calorie intake and not gain weight, it is best to choose a kombucha that is unsweetened or less sweetened.

Who Should Not Consume Kombucha?

While kombucha is safe for most people, it can cause severe side effects in some.

You Should Avoid Kombucha If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Kombucha contains live bacteria, which can be harmful to a developing fetus or baby.

It is also high in caffeine, which can be dangerous for a developing baby.

For these reasons, it is best to avoid kombucha if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You Should Avoid Kombucha If You Have a Weakened Immune System

Due to its unpasteurized quality and a blend of various types of bacteria and yeasts, kombucha can stimulate the development of opportunistic germs in certain people, resulting in infections.

If you have HIV/AIDS, cancer, or another condition that weakens your immune system, it is best to avoid kombucha.

Because kombucha is unpasteurized and contains a mix of different types of bacteria and yeasts, it can promote the growth of opportunistic bacteria that can lead to infections in certain people.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Drinking Kombucha Every Day

Drinking kombucha every day can offer many health benefits, including improved gut health, more energy, and a lower risk of certain diseases.

However, it is important to start with a small amount and see how your body reacts, as it can cause stomach upset in some people.

As with everything in life, too much of a good thing can be bad and moderation is key.

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